About Us

I have always loved to sew and it was a dream to own an embroidery machine. Well, 7 years ago I was fortunate enough to retire and purchase my first machine. Since that time I have made pretty things nonstop. Embroidery and applique' are now my passion. Just starting out I made things for my great-niece and got such a positive response I thought I would try Etsy. The first year got off to a bit of a slow start but I could not believe how things picked up closer to the Holidays. That first year I was one of only a few people on Etsy that sold monogrammed boot socks and boy did I sell some boot socks. I had to recruit my husband and daughter just to try and get the orders packaged and carried to the post office after I completed them. We had quite the shipping department going. After that first Christmas I was hooked and I was pretty proud of myself for selling so much. My husband nor I could believe it and were totally astonished with the popularity of that one item.

When my daughter was in college I was always so shocked at the popularity of the sorority letter shirts and had always thought I could do that. I did my research on the process of becoming officially licensed vendor and started the ball rolling. By this time I had purchased my first commercial machine and my business was starting to grow. I am now shipping sorority shirts to different parts of the country and have become licensed for 25 sororities. I still enjoy working with the girls for our local college and make things for a couple chapters keeping myself pretty busy. My sorority items have become my new boot socks and keep me pretty busy.

In addition to my Etsy Shop I have expanded my business with this e-commerce website, www.theauntiejsdesigns.com. You will not only find the same items in my Etsy Shop but additionally Mint Backpacks and accessories, baby quilts, and baby gift items. I continually search for quality items that I think my customers will like and will feel confident in purchasing from my business. I do this for the feeling I get when a customer sends me a picture of their new baby in something that I made or I receive a extremely positive product review. I want my business to continue to grow and be something I can be proud of for years to come.

I hope I can make something for you soon.