Under Construction

Jodie McLeod

Well Hello and thanks for stopping by.  I am working very hard to get my new website up and running.  There is nothing worse than having a website and not using it to its full potential.  I decided that I wasn't going to do that anymore so I changed to Shopify and began work.  I love the way Shopify is set up and makes it possible for me to link my Instagram and also now I have a Facebook Store.  You can link directly from either of these social media sites to my new website.  I hope that this will increase traffic through customers using my website and make it easier to shop with me.

I look forward to adding new designs and products in the future.  Please bear with me because this is a slow and tedious process especially if you are learning as you go along like I am.

Hope you will check back soon and see all the good things I will have to offer you.

Good bye for now,