Auntie J's Designs Classic Southern Monograms

Here in the South we love our monograms.  Monograms date back many years and can be found on our linens, silver, clothing, jewelry, or on anything that doesn't move.  Our motto is, "If it doesn't move we monogram it". 

My mission is to provide my customers with beautifully monogrammed or appliqued products for gifts or "just because I am special" days.  Your monogram should be as individual as you and reflect your taste whether it be classic, tradition, or modern we will help you choose one right for you. 

Sororities are a favorite here at Auntie J's and we try to provide you with a great selection of Officially Licensed Greek items to choose from.  We love making our Mint Sweet Little Things items for our customers.  They are one of my all time favorites because of the sweet seersucker and yummy colors that are available. 

Hope you will stop by soon and take a peek at what we have to offer.  I would love to make something for you.